Veggie Village – Hey, we’re extending !

If you wander down to Veggie Village anytime soon you’ll notice there’s a lot going on.  The extension is well and truly underway.

On Friday, October 10th, Andrew Sellman of Serene Landscaping and Maintenance will be getting stuck in with his team, and they could do with a hand if you can make it that day.

They’ll be creating an opening between our current Western boundary and the new area, levelling and spreading the sand fill to where the new beds and food forest will be, and bringing in good soil and mulch for the food forest.


Robyn Hewitt 1 A huge thanks you to architect Robyn Hewitt who is leading our extension pod, and to Ed, Wayne, Evan, Greg and others who’ve done a heap of the work so far on the Northern boundary.

And thanks to Guy Trappett from ‘Mad About Pools’ who has brought in most of the clean fill from pools he is building nearby.




This extensionveggie village wetland 009 wouldn’t be, umm, extending, without the amazing work of Lin Martin – our Princess of the Grants.

She waved her wand again this year, and both Noosa Council and the Gambling Community Benefits Fund came to the party with funding.





After 2 years of negotiations, Veggie Village is expanding and has flagged the area for extension. The newly claimed land is 864 square metres giving us more pathways, plots, and plenty of space for new members. Plans include the development of a food forest, an open fire pit, installing some fabulous local artworks and a priority is to make this area child and wheelchair friendly. The good news is that there will be a viewing platform of the cricket oval…for those interested in junior cricket and dog walking!!

Veggie Village Extension Plan Draft

First draft of the extension


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