Yandina Community Gardens



We were very pleased to welcome members from the Management Committee of Yandina Community Gardens, who came on an excursion to Veggie Village on Friday 17 June.
Michelle, Lissa, Janelle and Darren were enthusiastic in their admiration of member’s ‘patches’ and our very practical building.
We had an interesting and enjoyable discussion on the similarities and differences between our gardens and how we operate as organisations.
Simply stated… Yandina Community Garden is a demonstration and education site. Participants learn about sustainability, permaculture as well as growing plants organically and dynamically.
Apart from the emphasis on education, volunteers at YCG work on the entire garden as opposed to our members who have their own plot. However, at our bi-monthly working bees we do work together on the areas that have been designated ‘shared community plots’.
YCG have regular Saturday activities which are intended to cultivate a sustainable Community Program. (See these on Veggie Village Facebook)
Many thanks for visiting us from YCG….I’m sure our members would be interested in visiting your gardens!

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