Why we love our creek

The importance of Veggie Village’s creek as a wildlife habitat and corridor was recognized from day 1 of planning our gardens. Back then the strip of melaleuca (paperbark) wetland at Veggie Village’s eastern edge was choked with weeds and over the years we have stored it back to a beautiful healthy waterway, home to many wildlife species.

Our creek rises from springs in Veggie Village and flows south, past the kindy, along the edge of the National Park, then disappears underground in the dunes near the beach north of Coolum. The creek is part of an extensive coastal aquifer that we tap into for bore water to water the gardens.

As registered Landcarers, two years ago we also took on restoring the southern section of the creek that flows past the tennis club and kindy, to extend the green corridor to link with the national park.  The wetlands adds greatly to the ambiance of the gardens and are a key reason we don’t have major pest problems. The bush and stream are home to birds, bats, frogs, lizards, snakes and many beneficial insects. It is now a lush and shady place, perfect for wildlife watching.

Melaleuca wetlands once covered large areas of the Sunshine Coast and have been largely cleared for farms, towns and roads. The roots of paperbarks are effective water filters, removing pollutants and nutrients from streams. Paperbarks can live for over 100 years. Their creamy blossoms are a rich source of nectar for many wildlife species including fruit bats, a wide range of insect and bird species including scaly breasted lorikeets, wattlebirds and blue faced honey eaters.

Our Veggie Village paperbarks are precious indeed.

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